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“ – David Gilreath, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver “You have to do something special. It’s about thinking outside of the box, getting weird and making it happen.

You know what I got my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day? He came to our house and played her favorite songs in our living room.

It was awkward but awesome” – Stephen Kramer Glickman, comedian “My best dating advice is don’t do it. [laughs] I am a divorced guy, and I would say just be really, really painfully honest.

If there is any dating advice that works for me, that tip actually works.

We’re excited to announce that The League has officially launched in private beta in Chicago & Boston!It’s no doubt that the dating world is a different game if you’re a well-known face.Celebrities are often put under the spotlight, and their personal sex and dating lives are no exception to that.His “strategy” has been to send direct messages to women while they’re live-streaming videos on Instagram.The messages he sends stream alongside the video of the woman, so literally every single person who’s watching the video can see what he has to say.

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