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I never want to have sex again with someone with whom I will one day part ways (in this world anyway). I do not endorse the reproduction of this material for the use of financial gain, and do not intend to maliciously violate any copyright laws. In fact, the essay highlights not the argument against any experimentation or testing on animals, but that the testing on what may be considered “lower” creatures actually creates a pathway to experimenting on humans who are not in a position to protect themselves.

The first (and only) guy with whom I had intercourse took me years to get over: it damaged me. I first became aware of the essay through its mention in an excellent recent biography of Lewis authored by Alister Mc Grath, called, C. I could find the piece locally neither in a library nor bookstore, and not only, it was difficult for me (and therefore would be for others, I assume) to find, I am posting the essay online without permission, in order that it can be read for the widest number of people as possible. Lewis an animal rights activist are, to my mind, getting to wrong.

Elite focuses on helping singles find "serious long term relationship".

So if you are looking for casual dates or hookups, the site is not for you.

The original intent, besides being kind of catchy, was an alternative take on the “Sex and the Single Girl” view, endorsed by magazines like(the show is now cancelled), I can say that each of those media outlets – particularly Cosmo – gave me the idea that to be a normal, single woman was to be promiscuous.

I am not sure if I ever mentioned it here, but I am not a virgin.

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