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She started a relationship that was short-lived and sent me a short note that she was doing her "Getting Past Your Breakup" work again and she would be okay. But lately things seemed to be going backwards for her instead of forward and she wanted to make an appointment.We looked at a few things that had happened since we last spoke and she was getting further from the work we had done together.Not only could you lose friends, but if people find it, they could/will hate you.If you've seen Mean Girls, you know what happens, and it's not pretty. Instead of writing things about yourself, you write mean things about people who are supposed to be your friends. Some can be lies and some can be secrets that you know about someone.(And yes, we've deleted your email address and, as per our promise, will never write to you.) CHAPTER ONE THE MARKETING CRISIS THAT MONEY WON'T SOLVE YOU'RE NOT PAYING ATTENTION. Is it any wonder that consumers feel like the fast-moving world around them is getting blurry?

It was clear that it was time to take a break, refocus and go back to basics, which is something many of us need to do over the course of time.If you have seen the movie "Mean Girls", you know that the girls have a book called the "Burn Book".A burn book is an extremely bad idea in most cases.One thing I’ve learned about relationships and how to find a healthy one is that you have to know when to leave.In my own work and the work I've done with others for over 25 years, I know, unequivocally, that no matter how healthy we get, we are always going to run into attractive people that may be ill-suited for us. Still, it’s good to have a bit of a primer and a reminder that when you’re out there dating again, it’s not always a straight trajectory from one relationship into a healthier one.

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The Plastics’ Burn Book introduced us to phrases like “grotsky little byotch” and informed us that Coach Carr was hot stuff (why, I do not know).

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