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As a suicidal man (Mark Rosenthal) stands on a roof ready to throw himself off the building, his friends gather to try to convince him not to do it. See full summary » Bridgette is an actress teaching aerobics, and she falls in love with idle playboy Adam, who runs his father's gym.

One day she finds out that one of her ex-lovers died of AIDS and, ...

I know I need to make a decision before things go too far (becoming too physical), but how do I know when?

The alpine landscape was dotted with large- and medium-sized rocks and we saw our first moose (two actually)! Around am the sun slowly came out and we noticed all the flowers in the meadow. Mostly with the encouragement of Seth, we continued on and risked more rain but hoped for little.On the day of her wedding, as Selena Jackson comes to terms with the long-lost love she's never quite gotten over, many of her guests, including her best friends and her own mother, also ...See full summary » After attending their friend Elise's (Sudano) wedding on New Year's Eve, Trista (Hall), a career-­driven talent agent, Viviane (Scott), a successful gossip columnist, and Amaya (Cooper), a struggling actress, make a pact to get married within the year to either a new love or a man waiting in the wings.We backpacked the Rawah Lakes Loop this past weekend. I always prepare for rain but have hardly ever needed to use the rain gear here in Colorado. Another bonus, the riparian nature of this area is great for moose! Day 1: West Branch Trail Head to Twin Crater Lakes (7.3 miles) It was slightly overcast when we started around pm at the West Branch Trail Head.We walked with the pack for 21 miles in three days and two nights. We saw three moose – two at Twin Crater lakes and one near the West Branch trail head. About 90 minutes later it started drizzling, which felt pretty nice. It stopped when we got to a campsite next to a meadow below Twin Crater Lakes.

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