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When I was in college, the high point of the day was coming home to a blinking answering machine, meaning someone called and left a message.

Before caller ID, email, voicemail, text messaging, IM, wall postings, and poking there was…a blinking light.

I even went over questions I wasn't sure of a second time.

I made it quite clear that I only found fit, athletic, slender people like myself attractive & feel any chemistry for...

So I tried to get around that in a similarly cheeky manner AS MANY WOMEN DO.

while it obviously works out GREAT for the women on this sites? Try it, you can thank me later ha ha Perhaps men have a different experience when they sign up at this site.

Never mind the fact that I get attention from much more attractive women offline. it says "we're having technical difficulties, try again" all the time.

So I guess it's time to abandon at least Ok Cupid completey. sorry to be sour graps about this when the guys have MUCH better luck then the WOmen do? this is the 4th okc account, the previous accounts got banned for no reason! plz help me I think it's pretty good and I know couples who met on Match.

I have friends that love this because it takes some of the trepidation out of meeting people; there’s always the sense that “Hey, e Harmony thinks we’d get along.” You have to wait for e Harmony to get around to sending you profiles and you may not be a fan of whom it thinks you’d like.

Moreover, if you’re interested in a same-sex pairing, you can forget about that here; heterosexuals only, please. Match Match is the most similar to newspaper personals – it doesn’t try to be much more or less than that.

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