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There is more, this application can run in two ways.

First it can place the Scriptures on your website and make use of the get Bible API which means no extra load on your server.

On this way you can install as many of MIDP application you like on your Android Phone.

You can choose a different translation of the Bible by selecting from the drop-down menu above.

1 Kings and 2 Chronicles both tell us of Solomon sending a navy of ships to bring gold, silver, ivory, apes and PEACOCKS.

Soriano) is a program being produced by the Members Church of God International (MCGI) that features the question and answer portion of the weekly Bible Expositions. Eli Soriano is the Presiding Minister to the MCGI and also the host of the award-winning Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path). Eli, as the resource speaker in Bible Expositions, gives intriguing answers to people’s questions in their search for Truth. Eli who then answers their questions using the Bible as basis. Eli started hosting Bible Exposition in the early 1990s, a concept drawn by the International Evangelist’s nephew, Daniel Razon, who happens to be the Vice-Presiding Minister to the MCGI.

The symposium-like activity gained popular attention with the help of Bro.

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