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Annemarie Jacir returns as for the second year running with a screening of Salt of this Sea, the first full-length feature film to be directed by a female Palestinian director, it's a devastating portrait of life in Palestine which follows Brooklyn woman Soraya (Suheir Hammad), who travels to the West Bank and Israel to recover her roots.

But if we understand the wisdom behind imposing hijab on muslim women, Allah wants to instill a sense of purity in men and women, so he prohibited women fron showing their figure or showing off any kind of adornment like wearing perfumes or make-up or wearing high heels that do tinkilng sounds and attracts other sex’s attention.The festival closes with the launch of Open Bethlehem, an international campaign to keep Bethlehem open to the world.Director Leila Sansour will be here to introduce the screening and answer questions. Film director Leila Sansour returns to Bethlehem to make a film about her hometown, soon to be encircled by a giant illegal wall of concrete.Talk To is home to hot, sexy phone sex from amateurs, housewives and the girl next door to experienced, top rated pros.Sexy sultry voices with personalities to drive your libido over the edge.

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