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Pulse the mixture until it’s well-blended but there are a few date chunks throughout.Carefully pour the mixture into popsicle molds (I got seven 3-ounce pops) and freeze for an hour before inserting popsicle sticks and continuing to freeze until firm. My buddy Adam ( comes with me to pick up the game from Pilot Air and bring it back to the garage. Seems to be an early game as it has no lock on the front. Also in the video I interview Ed Fries (Microsoft Excel, Xbox launch Team, Figure Prints, etc.) about his Yellow Computer Space he just fixed. If you want to stay fashion forward check out Painfully Hip.This blog even offers tips for staying chic on a budget.

I am updating an old post, cuz I’m crazy like that. There is actually a DAX function for that, called SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR! It’s not going to have a ton of rows, it’s probably going to be related to several fact/data tables (and by having the one dates table, you can filter by Year and have it filter ALL your fact tables by that Year), and adding helpful columns is useful and awesome: Month Name, Month Number, Quarter, Week#, Day Name, etc. it is going to sort in a weird order unless you use the “Sort By” feature of Power BI / Power Pivot. Go to the modeling ribbon, click New Table (see picture at right), and use the magic formula “Dates = CALENDARAUTO( )”… This will scan all your tables for Date columns and create a calendar table that covers all the dates you need. there are 5983 articles on how to create an awesome calendar table via 3525 techniques….For menswear Style Girlfriend is an excellent source for men’s fashion from a female perspective.Description: This bundle contains a chance to win the following bundles: Ivory Bundle Chocolate Bundle Rose Red Bundle Navy Bundle Pale Pink Bundle Onyx Bundleor the exclusive Rainbow Bundle!One group practices some kind of “freestyle frisbee” situation, kicking and flipping and ducking and swooping, almost like they’re playing hacky-sack (remember ? Just some vanilla bean seeds for that floral aroma and the visual pop of black on white. Melt the coconut cream in a small saucepan set over medium heat.), except with a frisbee instead of a little beanbag. My favorite rituals of the season are long walks outside, ice cream from a cone, sunblock that smells like coconuts, long cotton dresses, peach picking, new leather sandals, and, of course, popsicles. Add the dates and scraped vanilla bean and cook, stirring occasionally, until the mixture starts to steam.

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For these reasons, Asperger's Syndrome has greatly outstripped ADHD as the chic diagnosis of choice for pretty much every group of retards on the internet.

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