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What you should do to fix this by using something called: event-driven programming.To put it simply, you should create a method which updates your JText Field.Join the Airline Management Simulation Game to manage your own airline against other users in a virtual recreation of the United States Airline Industry.For more details, visit: put it simply, you should create a method which updates your JText Field.So I am trying to teach my self how to my develop games with java by cloning older games. When you need to execute operations into a separate thread that interacts with the state of a Swing application you should use invoke Later or Timer.At the moment I am cloning Pong, and I can not figure out why my paddle is not moving.

If you know you don't care what the exception is cause by, add a comment to explain your reasoning to anyone who might see the code later.

I expect that the readers already have a suitable environment of My SQL database server working, having a database with an enough grant to a given user. Operation of database in Java is very complicated, requiring connection, statement, resultset and many try&catch. get Connection() method is to be called after init()method, to give to the other class the established connection.

In this sample, database name: nonidb user: noniko password: (blank) "Java Application" as the project type. So I used a utility class dealing with such operation. two close() methods and destroy() methods are for settling the end of operation.

Using this practice will result in your program locking up and crashing.

NOTE TO NEW PEOPLE LOOKING FOR HELP ON FORUM: When asking for help, please follow these guidelines to receive better and more prompt help: 1. To do this, put [highlight=java] before your code and [/highlight] after your code. Give full details of errors and provide us with as much information about the situation as possible. Give us an example of what the output should look like when done correctly.

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Then, whenever you would like the value updated (perhaps every time the ball hits one of the squares), you would call the method.

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