Updating windows update agent wsus

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After some searching on the MS-Tech Net site I found a link to a W2k Updated Root certificates from March2012 that appear newer than the one mentioned by “sdfox7” above.

Had the same problem after restoring my computer to factory state Windows 7 Home Premium.

Worked for several days to get it fixed, to no avail until today.

I'm curious why the 32 bit Vista, 2 core machine - needs 50 - 60% CPU - for 12, 18, 24 hrs & still never finishes.

But my Quad core, Vista x64 box, barely uses any CPU & finishes finding updates in a tiny fraction of the time. to 13% on one core, then way less most the time is normal on it. It might use 2 - 6% and is not constant, like the dual core laptop is.

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x Microsoft Update enables or disables Microsoft Update.

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