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' are retards because I love getting grabbed by the pussy! " It's adjacent to her Twitter bio, which reads in part: "Alt-reich queen! "Tequila caused a small, sad stir over the weekend by posting a picture from the alt-right National Policy Institute conference, in which she and two white companions did a Nazi salute. " she tweeted, misspelling "sieg." She also posted pictures with Richard Spencer, the NPI's head, and with Chuck Johnson, the racist internet troll.

Throughout her descent, Tequila, 35, has seemingly been fixated on Judaism.

”Lance, a “professional clown” (hey, maybe that was . At first glance he looks like a modern-day Crocodile Dundee. He’s a country boy and an elementary school teacher, shaping the minds of tomorrow.

He climbs the wall like a monkey while the remaining monkeys down below pound and stomp the ground and scream encouragement. Upon second glance, he looks more like the love child of Crocodile Dundee and Z. He tells us, “I’ve never dated an Asian chick before, but I love Chinese food.”I have no words.

They immediately begin bellowing and pounding their chests, shouting “Tila! ” One of them even turns a sloppy but enthusiastic cartwheel — while wearing a suit.

Tila holds court from her balcony, yelping coquettishly, “Where are my boys?

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