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And Wouldn't you think that you'd need your senses about you to asses the guy you are on a date with?

I do understand the loosening up of ones boundries when drunk..."if I was a wino I'd never have to be on time-0"thanx still jaded Not everyone needs to have a drink to relax but for some it helps..along as they are not getting so drunk they can no longer see straight! If I was going on a frist date I'd most definatly would want to have my better judgement but that's just me, and thanx for sarcasam lol he ha ha he he ho ho ho! drink lots of red wino caus "if I was a wino I'd never have to be on time-0" nice pic pssst!

All that sugar and caffeine, holy cow, I get strung out like black widow web on the woodpile.Ariely points out that typical online dating websites break people down into “searchable attributes” such as height, weight, income, and political views.These websites operate on the mistaken assumption that people are easy to describe on the basis of such attributes. You might be able to describe the wine you drink, but that doesn’t matter very much.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Just remember, keep them PUBLIC, and semi-busy places, or the lady will either feel uncomfortable or decline to meet.Why is it that 90% of the ladies on here need to alter their reality in order to go on a date? (We NEVER know what cerieal - not serieal, killers we might meet. Truly, when was the last time you heard someone hiccup while drinking ....

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